Donations needed for our NC Neighbors


Donations needed for our NC Neighbors

We are going to be collecting donations for our NC neighbors who have been affected by hurricane Matthew and donating all items to the NC food bank. We will be placing two large donation boxes in our lobby for us, our patients and anyone really to stop by and drop off necessary items to give to…

The Perfect Road Map For Your Child’s Oral Health

On July 3rd, 1806, two years into their journey to chart the uncharted west of America, pioneer explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark reached a challenge of epic proportion – the Rocky Mountains. What next, they wondered? Without a map, they were forced to do what explorers do – explore, and hope for the best….

WNCN – Trip to Raleigh dentist includes watching NCAA games at one Raleigh office

Watch the video here: (WNCN) – Some fans in Raleigh enjoyed watching the action Thursday from an unusual point of view. Crabtree Valley Dental had screens positioned directly above their patients’ chairs so they could watch the games. Crabtree Valley Dental launched the idea this year and encouraged people to schedule their appointments during the…