Top 5 Myths About Dental Health


Top 5 Myths About Dental Health

7 Tooth Fairy Traditions from Around the World

Who remembers the days of their youth when Santa Claus delivered Christmas gifts, leprechauns appeared with pots of gold, and the Easter Bunny left mountains of chocolate to our little stomachs’ delight and our parents’ horror? While most of us have managed to outgrow the fun tales of our youth (although there’s always that one…

Morning Breath or Halitosis?

We have all experienced bad breath at some point. However, there is a pretty big difference between “morning breath” and bad breath that can’t seem to be cured by even the strongest of breath mints. Halitosis, or chronic bad breath, remains for an extended amount of time and often isn’t fazed by mints, mouthwash, or…