First Time Patients

Patient Info

First Time Patients

At Raleigh’s Crabtree Valley Dental, we want every experience you have with our practice to be comfortable and efficient.

In order to make your first visit as time-efficient as possible, we ask you to fill out and submit your new patient forms. We will send these to you via email and text message. Once complete, bring them along to the office for your appointment.

What are the New Patient Forms?

Our Patient Information Form provides us with your contact information and medical history. By signing, you also authorize your insurance company to pay us their designated portion of fees for the services we’ve provided to you.

Our Treatment Guidelines Form gives you an understanding of our policies and expectations.

Our Privacy & Disclosure Form is our legally-required description of how your health information may be used and disclosed by us.

If you have questions about any of these documents in advance of your first appointment, please
contact us at 919-783-8887.

Everyone at Raleigh’s Crabtree Valley Dental looks forward to the privilege of serving you in the most effective and affordable way possible. See you at your appointment!