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Getting a tooth pulled is one of the most common dental procedures throughout the United States.

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A tooth can be pulled for a variety of reasons. One of the most common ones is because it is impacted. A tooth becomes impacted when it has been prevented from growing in normally, by the gums, bone, or other teeth. Wisdom teeth commonly become impacted.

Another reason teeth are pulled, especially in youth and young adults is to make room in the mouth before planning to straighten remaining teeth. Teeth may also be pulled if they are so poorly positioned that they cannot possibly be straightened. A less common reason to pull a tooth is as a cheaper alternative to filling or placing a crown on a decayed tooth.

The tooth pulling process is a pretty standard one. We begin by numbing your tooth as well as the surrounding tissue and gums with Lidocaine. Extracting itself involves enlarging the socket of the tooth by wiggling the tooth in a variety of angles in order to compress the bone surrounding the tooth. As the tooth is moved to compress areas all around the tooth, the socket will become large enough for the tooth to come out. During the application of pressure, the ligament attached to the tooth will also break, freeing the tooth. Once the tooth is out, we clean the area, place gauze over the void and ask our patient to bite down, in order to create enough pressure to allow the blood to clot.

It is normal to feel pressure during the pulling process. If pain is experienced, we can apply more anesthesia and provide relief.

“I wanted to let anyone know that was worried about having an extraction and bone graph to not be worried if going to Crabtree Valley Dental. I went in after procrastinating for 1.5 yrs worried that I would be in pain. Well, I went in and the staff was awesome, cracking jokes and making me feel at ease.

My dentist, Dr. Matthew Hopfensperger was incredible with making sure I was comfortable with his explanation of what was going to happen. I literally had NO PAIN of any sort for this procedure and none after. This was by far the best experience I have ever had at a dentist. So, don’t be afraid. He is awesome as well as the staff.”

-Layton H.

Why Choose Crabtree Valley Dental

Competitive pricing and in-network with more insurance companies than most practices in Raleigh.

Our skilled doctors perform most extractions in our office versus having to see a specialist at a higher cost.

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What Patients are Saying…

“I had neglected my teeth for 25 years mainly in part because of previous bad experiences. I went through braces as a teenager and wisdom teeth extractions. The pain from those kept me from keeping up with regular check-ups. Thanks to the patience and expertise of the entire team I was able to go through the process with minimal discomfort. I was amazed that later the same day there was no pain or discomfort at all. A special thanks goes to Dr. Joy for reassuring me before the procedure.”

Kevin R.

“The best customer service I’ve received from any company in a very long time! I had a bad wisdom tooth pulled with no pain involved. I left in a better mood than I came in!”

Tenikqua D.

“I visited this location in pain to have a tooth pulled. I was expecting to leave in pain. I had three teeth pulled and I didn’t feel a thing! I never had any pain. I love this dentist and would recommend them to any and everyone if a kid has to have any teeth pulled.”

Asia D.