Receding Gums: What You Need to Know


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Receding Gums: What You Need to Know

What are receding gums? Gum recession is when the gum tissue surrounding the teeth begins wearing away, exposing more of the tooth or even the tooth’s root. The receding gums create gaps between the teeth and gum line, which can begin to collect bacteria–causing diseases if left untreated. While receding gums aren’t necessarily reversible, they…

What to Expect During a Routine Visit

Routine visits and cleanings are crucial to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Here’s what you can expect when you come to Crabtree Valley Dental for your routine visit!   1. Meet the friendly receptionist and check-in for your appointment!   2. Meet your Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) or Dental Hygienist!   He or she will…