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We are proud to provide root canal procedures (endodontic treatment) to save teeth that have been infected and in the past would have been pulled.

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Root Canal Cost – Winter Special: $300 off treatment plan of $1500 or more.

*Not to be combined with other discounts or Smile Savings Plan. A consultation and x-rays are required. *Only applies to the first $1500.
*Must be mentioned at the time of appointment to receive special.

Root Canals have a pretty scary reputation. At Crabtree Valley Dental in Raleigh, we strive to make this procedure as pain-free and successful for you as possible.

Despite their negative image, root canal procedures (endodontic treatment) save teeth that have been infected and in the past would have been pulled. The procedure is usually spread over 1 to 3 appointments. A root canal is needed if the nerve, pulp, and canal beneath the tooth have become infected. This usually happens because of a deep cavity or a crack in the tooth.

Some signs that you might need a root canal include:
Severe pain when chewing with a tooth or applying pressure to it

  • Continual pain or sensitivity to heat or cold
  • Discoloration of the tooth
  • Swelling and tenderness of the gums surrounding the tooth
  • A persistent or recurring pimple on the gums.

If a diseased tooth is suspected, we begin by taking x-rays of your mouth to see the shape of the root canals and to look for signs of infection. If an infected nerve is the problem, we apply anesthesia and place a rubber dam around the infected tooth to keep it dry and free of saliva. We will then create an opening through the crown of the tooth into the pulp chamber. Next, we remove the pulp, bacteria, nerve tissue, and any other debris inside the tooth. Once the infected matter is removed, the root canal is cleaned and shaped so that it can be filled. If necessary, we also apply medications to the pulp chamber and the root canal in order to prevent infection. Usually, this will end the first appointment.

Based on the individual situation, we either leave the tooth open to allow it to drain, or we place a temporary filling in the tooth to protect it from food or other sources of infection between visits. We may also provide our patients with more medication to reduce the chance of infection. The next step is to permanently fill and seal the root canal and place a crown made of gold or porcelain over the tooth. We finish by restoring the crown.

If you suspect you may have an infected tooth, please call Crabtree Valley Dental in Raleigh at 919-535-4997 to schedule an appointment. When an infected pulp is left untreated, the long-term damage can extend to other teeth, bone, and even other parts of the face and head. But with a successful root canal procedure and proper hygiene, a root canal can remain healthy for the rest of your life.

Why Choose Crabtree Valley Dental

State-of-the-art Sybron Dental Vertical Condensation Technology.

Most root canals are performed in our office without having to see a specialist at a higher cost.

Less discomfort and visits on your way to a healthy smile!

What Patients are Saying…

“Great experience. Friendly staff, beautiful office, easy to find location, and knowledgeable doctors. Just go there already. Your teeth will thank you.”

David J.

“Who likes to get a root canal? Asked and said no one ever. Dr. Joy and Coco are amazing. Caring and courteous is just a few of the attributes they have. I always have a great experience when I go here and you will too!”

Nolan W.

“I love coming here- the customer service is excellent & they understand my fears & uncertainty without compromising the treatment. I couldn't ask for a better team for my dental needs!!”

Renae S.