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We are proud to provide Periodontal Treatment to patients who may be exhibiting symptoms of periodontal disease, in order to restore strength and the general appearance of the teeth, gums, and mouth.

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Periodontal disease is best thought of as the condition that affects gums and bone structure that keeps your teeth in place. In its early stages, it’s commonly referred to as gingivitis. This is the accumulation of tartar on teeth that begins to damage the gums nearby.

If left unattended, the condition advances to a state called periodontitis. At this point, beyond the gum swelling and bleeding, patients begin to suffer damage to the gums, teeth, and bone. Space is formed between the teeth and gums. They are called pockets and become home to millions of bacteria. The bacteria wind up playing a major role in creating further, permanent damage.

Periodontal disease becomes more prevalent as people grow older, as plaque and tarter continue to form on teeth. In fact, periodontal neglect is by far the greatest cause for tooth loss among adults.

The good news is that regularly scheduled visits to Crabtree Valley Dental in Raleigh – coupled with proper dental hygiene – can play an effective role in minimizing the spread of periodontal diseases. In addition to using x-rays and visual examination to evaluate the health of bone and the magnitude of existing pockets, professional cleaning removes tartar from the teeth. In effect, this gives the patient an almost fresh start after each appointment. A combination of regular professional cleanings, daily brushing, and flossing, healthy low-sugar, tobacco-free diets, is the best way to hold periodontal disease at bay.

Adults – especially those who are noticing gums that swell and bleed easily or teeth that are becoming loose – need to schedule an appointment to monitor the potential existence of gum disease and related conditions. Without careful, professional monitoring, it can be easy to let periodontal disease advance to serious levels.

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