Restore Your Smile With Bridges and Crowns

We offer dental bridges and crowns for patients who are missing teeth or want to improve their smile’s strength and appearance. We offer a 10-year Warranty on all our dental bridges and crowns!

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Dental Bridges

At Crabtree Valley Dental in Raleigh, we are proud to provide dental bridges to patients who may be missing one or several teeth.


If you have lost teeth due to an accident or decay, bridges are an effective way to redistribute biting pressure, while also providing significant cosmetic benefits. If you don’t replace missing teeth, the teeth around the gap may move. This movement can increase the likelihood of developing cavities and gum disease.


This procedure takes place over two visits to Crabtree Valley Dental. The process begins by anesthetizing the patient to ensure a comfortable experience.


Your dentist will prep the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth for crowns. These are called abutment teeth and hold the bridge in place. The abutment teeth are linked together by the part of the bridge that replaces the missing tooth, called the pontic. Next, we take an impression and send it to the lab while we place the patient in a temporary bridge for 2-3 weeks.


During the second visit, we remove the temporary bridge and set the permanent bridge. We confirm optimal fit, feel, function, and esthetics prior to cementing the bridge in place.


Crabtree Valley Dental dentists are skilled at providing patients with the guidance they need to make their best choice. Consider shade charts, patient’s complexion, appearance, hair and eye color, and future bleaching potential while choosing the final color.


Bridges offer considerable health and cosmetic value for individuals. If you believe a bridge can benefit you or a family member, please schedule an appointment today. Call Crabtree Valley Dental in Raleigh at 919-985-7300 or fill out the form below.

Crabtree Valley Dental now offers same-day crowns!

Crowns — referred to by some people as caps — are dental restorations that cover the entire visible surface of a tooth. Dentists will usually use them to restore strength, shape, and/or size or improve the general appearance of a tooth.


Crabtree Valley Dental may recommend a dental crown for a patient to:

  • protect a weak tooth from breaking
  • hold a cracked tooth together
  • restore an already broken tooth
  • restore a tooth that has been worn down
  • secure a bridge
  • cover discolored or misshaped teeth
  • cover an implant
  • cover and support a tooth that has had a very large cavity filled and is at risk for fracture


Crowns can be made from a variety of materials including metal, porcelain or ceramics, porcelain fused to metal. Every choice has advantages and disadvantages, depending on factors like tooth position and expected wear and tear. Crabtree Valley Dental dentists will discuss options with you and assist in selecting the best choice for your needs.


This procedure takes place over two visits to our office Crabtree Valley Dental in Raleigh, conveniently located just footsteps away from Crabtree Valley Mall.


The process begins by anesthetizing the patient and taking an impression of the tooth to make a temporary crown. The dentist prepares the tooth, then takes a final impression and sends it to the lab. A temporary crown is made for the patients during the time it takes the lab to make the permanent crown.


At the second appointment, the temporary crown is removed, and then the crown is set. We confirm optimal fit, feel, and function prior to cementing the permanent crown in place.

If you believe that you or a family member would benefit from a crown, please contact Raleigh’s Crabtree Valley Dental for an appointment at 919-985-7300.



Why Choose Crabtree Valley Dental

A dentist is only as good as their lab and we choose only the best labs.

All of our doctors have 10+ years of experience.

Now have the ability to offer same-day crowns!

What Patients are Saying…

“Absolutely love my experience there! Not only is the staff there is very friendly and accommodating, but they have flexible office hours as well. The average person fears the dentist, but I can guarantee you they are very gentle.”

Dae E.

“This dental team is awesome. My wife Debbie was super anxious to have an emergency procedure today. But from the moment you walk in the door, there is a warm inviting staff ready to put you at ease. Don’t remember such care and professionalism wrapped together. Thank you for your excellent care for my sweetheart. Highly, highly recommend this clinic. We’ll be back!”

David W.

“My favorite dental office. The doctors are great and very knowledgeable. But I think what really makes this place stand out is the people they hire. From the moment you walk in everyone is so friendly and make you forget you are there for something that might not be as pleasant.”

James L.