Fixing White Spots on Your Teeth

Fixing White Spots on Your Teeth

Do you have white spots on the front of your front teeth? These spots on the teeth can happen for different reasons:

  1. – You were born with them. White spots could be part of your natural tooth anatomy based on the way the teeth formed while you were developing as a baby.
  2. – You had braces. After braces were removed, you noticed the white spots.
  3. – Poor diet. Things we eat or drink can cause white spots on our teeth.

After braces or due to a poor diet, white spots are very early signs of a cavity. Whether you were born with them or developed due to braces or diet, these spots will not go away. Options given to patients are hard are to evaluate at each visit for signs of breakdown, or do fillings. Patients often feel they have to live with them on their front teeth.

In recent years a new approach has become available to dentists to help address white spots without fillings. It is called ICON infiltration system. This system helps to reinforce these areas without drilling or anesthesia. If left untreated, white spots may begin to soften, create a hole in the tooth, or turn brown/black. When these areas soften or turn color your dentist may recommend a filling.

If you have white spots contact us today to talk with one of our dentists. We can let you know if ICON will work for you!