Why Floss?

Why Floss?

Flossing is critical to maintaining good oral hygiene. It removes plaque and food in between your teeth, where toothbrush bristles fail to reach. Even though it is so beneficial to your health, 20% of Americans do not floss! We want to see everyone flossing daily and bettering their oral hygiene. 


Here are some flossing tips we recommend:

– Use 12-18 inches of floss to give you enough room to wrap around your fingers and have space for your teeth.

– Gently glide the floss in between and around teeth

– Wrap floss around a tooth in the shape of a “c” for a better clean


Now that you have the best flossing practices, it’s time to put them to use. How can you start flossing more? First, stash floss everywhere: car, office building, a handbag, and your home. Accessibility will increase your use of floss and save you from having food stuck in your teeth all day long. Next, create a habit of flossing after dinner or directly after brushing your teeth. Habits take time to build, but if you stick to a schedule we know your teeth will benefit.


If you have questions about flossing or are experiencing pain, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 919-985-7300. We can’t wait to see your bright smile at your next appointment