Patients’ Experiences at Crabtree Valley Dental

Patients’ Experiences at Crabtree Valley Dental

Written by an actual Crabtree Valley Dental patient:

“I can confidently say that Crabtree Valley Dental treats their patients with extreme care. As a first-time patient, I was cared for by every person I interacted with. This was my first dentist appointment in years so needless to say I was not looking forward to the whole process but felt at ease as soon as I walked in the office.

Before being taken to my examining room I was first given a brief tour of the building including the complimentary childcare, snack/beverage station and multiple hallways for different procedures. Once in my room I was given a bright, orange fleece blanket that was their gift to me as a new patient.

After my initial exam was completed it was decided that I needed to be seen ASAP to take care of a lingering gum problem I had put off by not going to the dentist. The dental hygienist Candy went through her schedule and only found a time slot in March to take care of my gums. Wanting to fix the issue quickly, Candy was going to come in the next day for a staff meeting and offered to stay afterwards to treat me. This spoke volumes to me because Candy was willing to stay past her meeting, on a day she was not on the schedule to take care of me. So after a couple hours in the chair (and lots of Novocain) I felt like I had my smile back.

Their entire team went above and beyond my expectations and offered an incredible first customer experience. “


Making first time patients excited about coming to the dentist…that’s something WE smile about #SomethingtoSmileAbout